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Quick Time

Need focus on a specific area? Want frequent sessions for a short time? This may be your answer! You may choose to upgrade to a specialized Aromatherapy session at no additional cost. Sessions last 25-40 min. Allow about an hour for your visit


Me Time

Is stress taking its toll on your body and your life? Have too much day at the end of your energy? Trouble sleeping? Feeling generally cranky? A little me time, may be just what you need! You may choose to upgrade to an Energy Balancing & Clearing session, a specialized Aromatherapy session, or a Virtual Beach Vacation session at no additional cost. Sessions last 50-65 min. Allow about 90 minutes for your visit. Most regular clients tell me, "This is the best hour of my month."


Over Time

When an hour just isn't long enough... If you need extra time to relax or you want extra focus on a specific area combined with relaxation, this is the choice for you! Session last 75-90 min. Allow about 2 hours for your visit.


Couples Aromathapy Massage Class

This unique class offers individual hands-on instruction for couples who wish to learn a simple, relaxing technique that they can use at home. The class lasts approximately 2.5 hours and each individual will experience giving and receiving, with the opportunity to ask questions at any time and get hands-on professional guidance. This class is based on a well-researched and purposeful approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians points of your partnerís back and feet to help balance the nervous system, enhance your immunity and let them function for optimal health. Those who have received it regularly report more restful sleep, more calm and focus in their thinking, and reduced pain. Group classes are scheduled when 3 couples are available! Price is per couple and includes handout & sample size essential oils to take home. Upgrade to full size kit of oils with DVD and savings on future purchases of oils, is available.


Aroma Hand Massage Class

In the Aroma Hand Massage Workshop you will learn a simple four step hand massage that you can use on family & friends. A Licensed Massage Therapist will demonstrate the technique on one of the participants, then everyone will pair up and have the opportunity to practice giving & receiving. The four steps are performed on one of the recipients hands and then repeated on the other. The massage will be taught using 1-2 therapeutic grade essential oils. Use of the essential oils allows both giver & receiver to enjoy 2 of the most common uses of essential oils - aromatic & topical. Group class will be scheduled when 8 people are available.


Better than a Coffee Break (15 min chair)

Don't have time for a table massage? Try a chair massage instead! 15 minutes in a specially designed chair focused on the back, neck & shoulders (arms & hands can also be included).


BOGO - Buy 4 Get 1 Free

Choose the Session Length: Quick Time: Sessions last 25-40 min. Allow about an hour for your visit Me: Time: Sessions last 50-65 min. Allow about 90 minutes for your visit. Over Time: Session last 75-90 min. Allow about 2 hours for your visit. Get 5 for the price of 4!



Save $10 on each massage or gift certificate in 2017. Valid ofr services priced $50 or more. NOT valid on already discounted packages.


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